About Us

Preview Properties.com has been doing business in Livingston County since 1981 when we opened a centrally located facility at 3768 E. Grand River in Howell on November 15, 1981. In October 1983, Preview Properties acquired McKay Real Estate Company and opened a Preview Properties branch office in the Brighton Mall. The Brighton office at 306 W. Main on the Millpond was opened in July 1984. All offices were consolidated into one location when Prudential Preview Properties moved into their new Canopy Building location at 130 W. Grand River, Brighton in December of 1992.

Preview Properties.com currently has full time agents working throughout Southeastern Michigan including Brighton, Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing,  and Mt. Pleasant.

Our Quality Policy

Preview Properties.com is absolutely committed to continually improving our customer/client relationships.

Our Quality Objectives

Continually improve our training instituting programs designated by the Management Review Committee.

  1. Improve our customer service in accordance with specific goals set up by the Management Review Committee.
  2. Improve our training & expertise by promoting achievement of Real Estate Designations by a larger percentage of our Agents as set forth by the Management Review Committee.
  3. Promote personal performance by Agents through the use of personal goals measured on daily accountability and commission income as set forth by the Management Review Committee.    
  4. Increase the ability of our Web Site to promote our Company by increasing the access as set forth by the Management Review Committee.