5 Best Outdoor Fire Pits

5 Best Outdoor Fire Pits

Happy National S’mores Day! There’s something to be said about roasting marshmallows and making s’mores around a backyard fire with friends on a warm summer night. Nothing quite beats those clear, starry skies, the laughter of shared jokes, and of course that wonderful bonfire smell. Here are five of our favorite outdoor fire pits for those summer nights filled with friendship and s’mores!

Hampton Bay Crossfire Steel Fire Pit

This fire pit is nice to your wallet and creates an instant atmosphere of coziness. The diamond detailing along the side is covered by a spark screen so you and your friends can stay toasty all night without worrying about flying embers.

Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

Bring the stars to you with this celestial fire pit. You can watch the star and moon cut-outs twinkle inside the steel frame while roasting marshmallows or cooking burgers and hotdogs on the cooking grate! 

Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

On-the-go campfire enthusiasts, this fire pit is for you! It’s light-weight, easy to carry, and you have full control over the flame. A 10 foot hose with an attached regulator is included with the fire pit, making it great for tailgating, camping, or bringing it to a friend’s outdoor party!

Landmann Ball of Fire Steel Bowl Fire Pit

This fire pit’s unique "Ball of Fire" design looks absolutely stunning while ablaze on a cool summer night. It has a side access door for logs so you can keep the fire going all night without having to mess around with the top lid while the fire is at full blaze.

Sunnydaze Large Bronze Crossweave Fire Pit

This fire pit is best used on your porch, patio, or on a stone-covered area in your backyard, but a fireproof pad will work as well. It includes a spark screen, weather cover, and fire pit tool to safely and easily remove the spark screen and move the logs. 

Cozy up to the perfect bonfire this summer and have a s’more for us!