Welcome to Michigan

Welcome to Michigan

Hey there! So you’re new to Michigan, huh? Well, you’ve chosen an excellent place to settle down. There are some quirks to living in the Mitten State that might throw newcomers a curve, but not to worry! Preview Properties has you covered with a list of things to expect as a Michigander.

Yeah, we wear shorts in winter. — A large portion of Michiganders are unfazed by the chilly winter weather. For those life-long Michiganders reading this, you know what we’re talking about. There’s always that one friend who refuses to replace their shorts with jeans, even when it’s 10 below outside.

It’s “Pop,” not “Soda.” — Those carbonated sugary drinks we all love are called “pop” here in the Mitten. We know old habits die hard, but get ready for some lighthearted teasing from your new neighbors if you don’t switch up your vernacular upon moving to Michigan.

Strangers will talk to you, and it’s totally normal. — If you’re moving here from a big city, you may be thrown for a loop when strangers wave and say hello to you while you’re out on the town. Don’t worry; you’ll get used to it, and you may even find yourself waving back before long.

Do not, do NOT, disrespect our Great Lakes. — We Michiganders take great pride in our Great Lakes. So if you move here and start disparaging our Lakes, you won’t be making many friends. Yes, the world is home to many breathtaking oceans and seas, but we won’t trade our Great Lakes for anything!

“Snow Day?” What’s that? — It’s no secret that we get a lot of snow here in Michigan. Our winters seem to last from November to April (yes, it’s snowed here in April). It takes an awful lot of snow or ice to result in any cancellations - school or otherwise. So don’t expect a day off from work for a couple inches of snow. That being said, when we do get a snow day - it’s treated like a miracle to be celebrated with lots of sledding, skiing, and hot chocolate!

We love torturing ourselves over Lions. — Specifically the Detroit Lions. If you’re moving here from a state with a football team that regularly makes it to the playoffs and maybe even the Super Bowl. . . .well let’s just say you should prepare yourself. Our poor Michigander hearts are consistently broken every football season, yet we steadfastly support our Lions. We’ll get there boys, one day.

Speaking of Football: Choose your State team wisely. — We take college sports pretty seriously here in Michigan. Yes, yes, we know. They’re all just a bunch of silly games, and if you choose to continue rooting for your alma mater instead Michigan or Michigan State that’s great. As long as your alma mater isn’t Ohio State. Then we’re gonna have a problem.

“Michigan Lefts” are real and they’re not as difficult as people like to make them seem. — Newbies may be intimidated at first by the left hand turn lanes located in the middle of the highway. But take our word for it, they’re easy. Once you master the art of the “Michigan Left,” it’ll be smooth sailing for you.

Vernors is a cure-all. — No, really. When you complain to a Michigander about an upset stomach, we will immediately suggest you start sipping a Vernors. It’s practically instinct for us. Why would we suggest actual medicine when we know Vernors does the same exact thing in half the time and with a much better taste? Nonsense.

Relax, you’re gonna love it here! Welcome to Michigan, enjoy your stay!