Winter Home Preparedness Tips

Winter Home Preparedness Tips

Winter will soon be upon us in Michigan and many of us are getting ready for the chilly weather by breaking out the winter coats, gloves, hats, boots, snow pants, and more. But is your home ready for the impending cold? Well, until someone invents a winter coat for your home you’ve got some stuff to prep and Preview Properties has the tips to help. 

First thing’s first, don’t bother getting frustrated with a giant to-do list. Unless to-do lists are your “thing” when it comes to tackling projects; in that case, go wild! Otherwise, it’s best to break everything down into smaller chunks that can be completed over the next few weekends. To make things even easier, split the jobs up among various members of your family. This way you can get more done, faster. We’ve compiled this short-list of three important things to focus on as you get your home ready for winter. Let’s get started!  

The last thing anyone wants in the middle of winter is a bursted pipe. Go around your home and identify any pipes that are prone to freezing. Wrap them in some heat tape to help keep them warm when the temperatures start dropping. Should a pipe still burst, make sure everyone in the house knows how to turn the water off at its source. This will minimize leaking. You should also drain the water from any outside spigots and hoses. If you have in-ground sprinklers, arrange to have them blown out by a professional. Finally, roll up the hoses and store them in the garage or garden shed. 

There’s nothing quite like cozying up by the fire on a cold winter night. Make sure your fireplace is up to the task this winter by having the chimney professionally inspected and cleaned. You should also bring in a professional to inspect your home’s heating systems before the cold weather really starts hitting. Does your furnace have a filter? Check to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. To save energy, and money, you can set your thermostat to turn off the heat when no one is home.  

Drafts are bad news for both your heating bill and general comfort in your home. If you find drafts during your sweep of the house, add or replace any worn out weather stripping and caulk up any gaps. If you don’t use weather stripping, consider installing some storm windows and doors. Replace worn out doorstops, and if you have any piping in an exterior wall, use caulk and weather-stripping around any entry points. This should stop cold air from sneaking in. 

Preparing your home for the cold winter months is just as important as pulling out the sweaters and wool socks. Only the best will do. While you should be able to accomplish most of these tasks yourself, if you’re ever unsure of how to do something, call a professional. It’s their job to help you and, when it comes to keeping your home warm this winter, you want to make sure everything is done right.

Have a great, and warm, holiday season!